About Davis Tree

About Davis Tree Care!

Davis Tree Care is one of the most trusted Arborist Firms in the region. With Industry staffed
Certified Arborists, Davis Tree Care cares for hundreds of estates, businesses, municipalities
and park districts in the western suburbs of Chicago. Staying updated on new techniques within
the tree care industry is important to us. Each year, new techniques, care plans and products
are introduced into the tree care industry. Using proven methods and implementing these
new techniques into daily work procedures help to ensure the health of your trees and other

Company Background

With an intense passion for arboriculture, owner Bobby Davis brings years of experience to
the business. And he expects the same passion in his team by employing representatives and
field personnel who have achieved and maintained proper industry credentials to ensure clients
benefit through proper arboriculture practices. At Davis Tree Care, our experience, dedication
to safety and level of professionalism are well above the industry standard.


The team at Davis Tree Care excels at providing the professional care expected by our
clientele. A trained arborist will be in charge of your project. These professionals will employ the
years of past experience and combine them with the most modern arboriculture techniques to
provide you with the best care in the industry.


Professional Tree Care begins with training. Training is perfected through experience. And
experience is enhanced with technology. At Davis Tree Care, our company promotes a culture
of Safety First. It is critical in the industry that employees who step foot on your property be
properly trained and equipped to do the job correctly and do so in a safe manner. We take this
very seriously here at Davis Tree Care.


Your initial contact is promptly responded to with a return call from a trained Arborist. However,
the most important tool we possess is our ears. We listen. We hear your concerns and make
recommendations with your concerns in mind. This is why the relationships we have with our
customers have lasted for years...and sometimes generations. Itemized proposals addressing
your concerns, prompt scheduling of your work, courteous and skilled crews on-site when
promised; all these deliver the landscape you envision.

We have been serving North West Suburbs for last 60+ years!