Know Your True Cost



Except for the last subject, the answers to all of the questions asked in “Know Your Arborist” have a direct effect on the cost of Tree Care services:

ISA Certified Arborists must maintain their qualification by earning Continuing Education Units (CEU), keeping arborists up to date on the latest technology, treatments, and techniques.  Training seminars and advanced classes are valuable learning opportunities, but have associated fees. Davis Tree Care employs Certified Arborists and assists in their continuing education and certification. Davis pays competitive wages, maintains excellent, modern, and safe equipment for our employees and customers, and keeps abreast of the latest treatment options.

Proper Workman’s Compensation and general liability insurance are very costly in the field of Arboriculture. Davis Tree Care employees receive regular safety training, and Davis has an excellent safety record. Davis carries full coverage Workman’s Comp and liability insurance, accepted by utility, municipal, commercial, and residential customers alike. This not only protects our employees, but protects you as well.

Davis Tree Care is very observant of local laws and ordinances.  We obtain all necessary bonds and licensure for all municipalities where required.  There are often fees involved in this process, but we will not take short-cuts or put the client or our company at risk for violations or fines of any type.

Municipalities vary widely on the requirements and costs for permits for Tree Care. Davis always carefully investigates the various permitting processes, and when required, always secures the necessary permits prior to beginning any work.


Added together, the costs of doing business in a straightforward and honest fashion may make Davis seem a little more expensive in some competitive pricing situations.  But these measures are in place to provide the best possible service, and to protect you, our valued customers, as well as our employees. Davis estimates and prices jobs very aggressively, and we give our best price the first time.  It is not meant to be the beginning of a negotiation, but a fair price for an excellent product, delivered on time.  When you see a price from a competitor that seems too good to be true there is, as they say, probably a reason. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, at Davis Tree Care, the answers are clear to see.