How much does tree service cost?

Each tree is different, so we base our pricing on access (can our trucks reach the tree?), the
size of the tree, the level of difficulty (are there wires involved?), and the amount of clean up.
Because of these factors we will come out to give you an estimate before your job is scheduled.

Do I need to be there when the estimator comes?

No. If you have specific trees you would like addressed, please just mention that in your
email or when you call. If you do not know what kind of tree it is, just say “back yard, north
fence line...etc.” We enter your proposal into our data bank and email you a copy. The copy
is there for future reference should you wish to go ahead at some later date. If you approve of
the price listed on the estimate, email us or give our office a call, and we will put your job on our
schedule. If there are various price options listed on your estimate, be sure to specify which you
have selected.

How and when do I pay?

Upon completion of your job, we will email you an invoice for the amount agreed upon in the
estimate. If you prefer, our tree specialists can also receive your payment at time of tree service.
We accept cash, checks, or credit cards over the phone.

Is Davis Tree Care insured?

Absolutely, and PLEASE insist on proof of insurance from any tree company when you solicit work of any type.
By nature, tree companies have expensive insurance and many small companies will skip
this expense. This means that you are at risk should an accident occur!
Davis Tree Care is fully insured with Worker’s Compensation and General Liability. A certificate
is available upon request.

Is stump grinding included in the proposal?

Stumps will be left approximately 2-6 inches above ground level unless specified to the contrary
in the estimate. We do offer stump grinding as a separate service and it will be priced out
separately on your agreement. Please note that stump grinding does not include removal of
all the stump grindings, just the portion that remains above grade level. Davis Tree Care is not
responsible for damage to underground wires.

When is the best time to trim my trees?

Most trees can be trimmed throughout the year. Oaks and Elms are best trimmed in Fall after
the first frost.

Do you offer consultations?

Yes. Please call our office and request a visit. Our arborist will call and arrange a mutual time
for an appointment. If your tree is not doing well and you know what kind of tree you have,
please describe it and any symptoms it may be showing.

Feel free to contact us for any Questions.

708-771-8500 708-771-0210 fax davistreecare@gmail.com