Oaks & Elms


Tree Health Care

  • Fertilization Soil Aeration
  • De-compaction Mycorrhizal applications
  • Insect and fungal disease control Micro Injections
  • Growth Regulation

Tree Fertilization

Throughout Chicagoland, trees and shrubs in the landscape are growing in less than perfect soil. Fertilizing is an easy way to add those essential nutrients that the plant is missing. Our company utilizes a soil injection method along with a mixture of fertilizer and organic nutrients aimed at conditioning the soil and improving tree vigor. Soil injections around tree root zones also helps to alleviate compaction and allows your trees to absorb more of the available water and nutrients in the soil. The biological product we use is mixed with water and then pressure injected into the soil 2 - 8 inches in depth within the root zones of the trees. Soil injections of mycorrhizae (beneficial fungi) and nutrients both aerates the soil and improves growing conditions that your tree’s roots need.


A routine schedule of soil injections over several years can make a big difference in the health of your trees and shrubs and improve their ability to withstand drought, bug infestations and disease. Proper mulching around trees aids in both protecting the tree trunks and in establishing proper soil conditions for your trees to thrive in.


Insect / Disease Applications

Sometimes when pest populations are high enough to threaten the health of a tree, it is necessary to apply pesticides.

Our company employs Certified Pesticide Applicators who are specifically trained to handle and apply pesticides with the least impact on the environment and people. We use a combination of both liquid drench and truck injection methods; depending on the conditions. Timing of these treatments is crucial to the success of the treatment.

A trained professional Certified Arborist will be able to identify the problem and prescribed a complete program to maintain your tree’s health.

Growth Regulators 

The urban yard can be an unnatural and stressful location that often reduces the vitality and lifespan of trees.

  • High competition for water and minerals from grass
  • Herbicides
  • Low soil organic matter and minerals
  • Restricted growing space above and below ground
  • Soil compaction from construction activities and foot traffic
  • Elevated soil temperatures and dry conditions

Growth regulator applications boost the growth of fine root hairs in trees and woody shrubs and facilitate trees and woody shrubs during drought stress, construction damage, poor soil conditions, and limited root space. It has been shown to reverse the decline in mature Oak trees and rejuvenate yellowing (chlorotic) Birch and Pin Oaks. Treated trees show increased vigor, improved nutrient absorption, appear greener, and have better pest resistance. A treated tree grows more slowly, requires less pruning and may be able to re-allocate precious resources to root, storage and defensive systems. The growth control lasts for approximately three (3) growing seasons.

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