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Landscape trees require a high degree of care. A professionally maintained tree is both safe and attractive. You can protect your investment in your trees by hiring an arborist from Davis Tree Care who understands your tree’s response to pruning.

We suggest you have your trees correctly pruned while they’re young so they’ll grow into structurally-strong trees with the proper form and function for your landscape. Trees pruned appropriately when they’re young will require less corrective pruning as they mature. Mature trees that have been properly maintained will require very little structural pruning.


However, there are times (especially following damaging storms) when some maintenance pruning or restorative pruning may be necessary. Pruning of this type enhances your tree’s health, appearance and structure. Pruning like this is accomplished by:

  • Removing dead, damaged, and broken branches
  • Reducing the weight of heavy extremity branches
  • Thinning to reduce wind resistance, and
  • Reducing the tree’s crown and inner branches for symmetry.

The importance of proper pruning cannot be overemphasized. Improper pruning causes permanently disfigured and grotesque trees that detract from your property’s value and shorten the tree’s life.

To learn more about proper pruning and about how to select a professional tree pruning company, see the web site for the International Society of Arboriculture.



Davis Tree Care strives to preserve and prolong tree life, although this is not always the possible. Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove a tree due to safety, aesthetics, disease or simply functionality.

Our trained tree care professionals will remove your unwanted tree in a safe and efficient manner with minimal property disturbance and complete debris cleanup. Our equipment inventory includes chippers, bucket trucks, log loaders and chipper trucks. We also have heavy duty cranes at our disposal to handle larger projects.

Davis Tree Care has the experienced crewmembers with the proper training, skills, tools, and equipment to handle any large or hazardous tree removal. We are fully insured for your protection and ours. Count on us for professional tree service in Riverside, La Grange, Elmwood Park, IL, and surrounding towns.

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